Donovan S.K. Morgan

High-Ticket Closer / Supporting Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

on Improving their Inbound Lead Sales Conversion 

Donovan is an accomplished Senior Consultant and Trainer whom has leveraged his organizational leadership skills to provide positive results within his areas of responsibility. 

He is highly capable of complex problem-solving in a wide variety of dynamic and challenging settings.

As a respected Senior Consultant with international business unit experience.

Donovan has used his team-building skills and strong interpersonal relationships to identify and optimize business unit talent and resources.

Donovan is an experienced leader who has supported complex projects from concept development through implementation with continuous focus on safety, professionalism, quality, resource efficiency and budget.

Some of Donovan’s strongest attributes are;


o             Leadership

o             Problem solving (Normal and Emergency Situations)

o             Team building

o             Management

o             Communication

o             Assessment (Outside of the Box Thinking)


Donovan’s commitments of No Excuses, No Opinions and No Victims, along with his strong attributes and hungry attitude for success has provided him the ability to achieve excellence in his High-Ticket Closing skill set.

Being a result driven individual, Donovan chooses to work with a limited number of Business Owners and/or Entrepreneurs to ensure his abilities MAXIMIZE the results and expectations of his clients.

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